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Made to survive every recipe you throw at it.

Our aprons don’t just look good, they

can handle whatever culinary mischief you encounter. They’re made from the best materials, double-stitched, lined (except for linen) and fully guaranteed. 


Blurring the

lines between food and fashion.

My mantra is, cook like your grandma, but don’t look like your grandma. I’m always coming up with tasty new designs to spice things up. Many of my aprons are small batch, limited-edition creations. So, if you see one you like, pounce on it!

A story of freshness

There’s a bunch of great recipes out there.

Great aprons? Not so much.

When people ask me why I started an apron company, the short answer is, I love to cook. But I also like to look good while I cook. The truth is, most aprons look like, well, aprons—or something my grandma used to wear. I wanted an apron that looked like it was made by a fashion-designer/foodie. So I decided to make one myself. Then I made another. Soon I was spending more time with my sewing machine than my double oven. Now I love making aprons as much as love to cook. Enjoy!

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